Standard vs. Custom Multiple Reactor Systems

Parr Instrument Company designs and builds both standard and custom parallel & multiple reactor systems for use in many industrial and academic laboratories for any number of processes that require elevated temperature and pressure.

Existing Parr users may be familiar with our 5000 Multiple Reactor System (MRS), consisting of six 45 mL or 75 mL reactors. These systems are used for applications as diverse as catalyst screening and characterization, process optimization, and combinatorial medicinal chemistry. Due to multiple requests for smaller volume reactors, we have recently introduced our 2500 Micro Batch System (MBS), which includes three 5 mL or 10 mL reactors and can be used for similar processes as the MRS.

Parr also offers any of our stirred reactors in parallel or cascade arrangements, from 25 mL 4590 Micro Reactors to 18.75 L 4557 Floor Stand Reactors, in any quantity and configuration that one’s imagination and budget can support. Just a few of many examples: